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Sustainable virtual ecosystem, measured and supported by real
data on greenhouse gas mitigation.



A decentralized financial system is a term used to generalize BlockChain financial applications and is intended to disrupt the financial intermediary market. It is important to show that this allows for a significant increase in the speed and sophistication of transactions while giving users more control over their own money.

The conservation

At SicoinCo2 we have created an eco-sustainable technological platform that allows us to contribute to the conservation of the environment, making it possible to obtain financial profitability.


An essential part of Tokenomics is the distribution of tokens among the community with the aim of generating liquidity and transactionality. This distribution will boost the economy of the token and
allow its growth. SicoinCo2 has ensured this eficient distribution by allocating tokens to a portion of the value of securitized assets.


The first step to build a token economy (TOKENOMICS), is to truly have an aggregation or community that supports the basic principles and goals of such development. This will be essential to truly achieve a critical mass that will give the token project the necessary public support.


The Commercialization of climatic ECO-NFTs is supported by hectares of real owners and profitability projections in the following


The reality of the global carbon market has led to the highest level of compensation taking place in the European corporate world. The demand for carbon bonds and credits has been concentrated in these territories enabling the SicoinCO2 ecosystem appearance, providing access to extensive and suitable territories for environmental conservation purposes. As such, the SicoinCo2 ecosystem allows these carbon credits and bonds to be tokenized. This TOKEN economy will have real power by allowing the carbon world to be moved to the virtual world It is important to note that none of this would be possible without building BlockChain technology. The reason is very simple: tokens exist, but without BlockChain technology there is no token economy. Yo achieve the necessary decentralization that the token economy demands BlockChain technology is indispensable.

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Sustainable virtual ecosystem, measured and supported by real
data on greenhouse gas mitigation.

The sale or acquisition of carbon bonds or GHG emission reduction certifcates are  that enable their holder the right to emit a certain amount of CO2 and GHG, according to the determined amount of bonds. In general, each of these bonds is equivalent to one ton of CO2, although, depending on the type of GHG in question, it can be stipulated in one amount or another.

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